To our website on the World Wide Web. The website you have just entered is designed to bring glory to God by offering information about:

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  • Other Good Works - This means our web site contains information, links to other sites, prayer requests and Acappella Music.

Please consider enrolling in the free Bible Correspondence Course under Evangelism, to learn or brush up on Bible knowledge. If you are not a member of the body, we will be happy to have a free Home Bible study and/or answer any Bible question(s) you may have. Again welcome.

A task to which one devotes one’s life.  Commitment.

To provide, assist and enhance the quality of life for individuals through the teaching/preaching of the gospel by manifesting love in every aspect of life.

The object for which something
exists or is done.

To reach people through the gospel in order to save souls, positively impact lives, transform communities, and to strengthen families while "Developing the Whole Man According to God's Plan".

Vision / Goal
The ability to perceive or foresee
something, an end that one strives
to attain.

The transformation from a local and nation level through spiritual and secular academic avenues with the primary focus on saving lost souls and "Developing the Whole Man According to God's Plan".